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Container – Bulky Waste

A garbage container will be available between 22-24 October 2017. Please respect these dates!
Only BRF Surtsö residents are allowed to throw combustible materials in it.

  1. Only combustible may be thrown in the container.
  2. Big things like couches or bookshelves may NOT be thrown!
  3. Do not throw electronic devices into the container!


The Board of Directors BRF Surtsö

Container – Grovsopor

Container finns uppställd mellan 22-24 oktober 2017. Vänligen respektera dessa datumen!
Det är bara boende i BRF Surtsö som får kasta brännbart material i den.

  1. Bara brännbart får kastas!
  2. INGA stora saker som soffor eller bokhyllor får kastas!
  3. Elektroniska apparater får INTE kastas i container!


Styrelsen BRF Surtsö

How to sort your garbage

It is important that everyone living in Brf Surtsö sort their garbage and waste correctly, because incorrect sorting results in high costs for the association of Brf Surtsö.

Tenant holders in the association of Brf Surtsö and Brf Odde shall sort and throw garbage at the green, white and red spots on the map below.

Karta 3D (EN)

Transport bulky waste to a recycling central by yourself

Bulky waste that cannot be sorted in the containers are to be carried away by yourself to any of the municipal waste collection. It is prohibited to place garbage on the ground at the containers!


Find a recycling central (Återvinningscentral) here:

The Board of Directors BRF Surtsö