Payment routines for vacant p-places for temporary rentals

Now there are opportunities to rent empty parking places in the garage for relatives, guests or acquaintances who come to visit. You as homeowner rent the extra place in your name and the minimum rental period is 24 hours. You cannot rent the place for more than 14 days. The cost per day is SEK 45.

For example, if you have a guest who arrives on a Saturday night at 19:00 and stays until 01:00, the guest may stay until 19:00 o’clock on Sunday evening. After this time a new day begins and a new payment period of 45 kr.

How to use:

  1. Contact the board by e-mail in good time to book a place.
  2. Pay in at least 3 days before the rental period begins so that the Board can see the payment in the association’s bank account.
  3. Pay to bankgiro (617-1813) and enter OCR 1111111108.
  4. The Board issues a P-permit to you for the amount of time you have paid.
  5. Q-park fines cars that do not respect time.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


The Christmas holidays is soon coming and many are preparing for Christmas dinner and other activities. Since there will be a lot of paper and carton we would like to remind you to sort and fold them carefully so that everything will fit in the container. Note that you cannot put things on the ground beside the containers. Do only throw garbage that will fit in each container. Everyone must help and follow the association´s rules of conduct. The board will have a Christmas duty, so if you need help with anything, you can email the board.

The board will set up a container where you can throw all the things you have gathered after the Christmas holidays. The container is open Saturday January 13th between 2 pm – 6 pm, then the container is closed. The board will be in place and it will be a little mingle and coffee for everyone who comes.

We would like to remind all smokers to bring ashtrays for the cigarette butts instead of throwing the cigarette butts in front of the entrance. It does not look nice when it is plenty of cigarette butts and cigarettes boxes.

Pre-school Oddegården has got new gates and a longer fence. So now the trouble with the big heavy gates will be gone.

Heating system
IKANO was here on December 7th and remedied the heat adjustment based on the written complaints sent to the board. They have cleaned the pipes from particles and set the heat one step to increase the heat supply. According to the service engineer, the position of the thermostat on the wall of the apartment should be on the center line and the lamp will then show red and 21 degrees will be reached. Everything that shows green gives about 18-19 degrees. But it can vary from apartment to apartment. If you want warmer, increase the setting on the red field.

Garden group
We have started a garden group so if there is someone more  interested in plantations and gardens in the spring, please feel free to contact the board.

Monthly fee
The association will not raise the monthly fee for next year.


Container – Bulky Waste

A garbage container will be available between 22-24 October 2017. Please respect these dates!
Only BRF Surtsö residents are allowed to throw combustible materials in it.

  1. Only combustible may be thrown in the container.
  2. Big things like couches or bookshelves may NOT be thrown!
  3. Do not throw electronic devices into the container!


The Board of Directors BRF Surtsö

How to sort your garbage

It is important that everyone living in Brf Surtsö sort their garbage and waste correctly, because incorrect sorting results in high costs for the association of Brf Surtsö.

Tenant holders in the association of Brf Surtsö and Brf Odde shall sort and throw garbage at the green, white and red spots on the map below.

Karta 3D (EN)

Transport bulky waste to a recycling central by yourself

Bulky waste that cannot be sorted in the containers are to be carried away by yourself to any of the municipal waste collection. It is prohibited to place garbage on the ground at the containers!


Find a recycling central (Återvinningscentral) here:

The Board of Directors BRF Surtsö

IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding the heat and ventilation system

In August and September 2017 IKANO will complete its re-design of our heating and ventilation system. This happens in two stages for each stairwell.

The first stage implies that heating batteries are replaced in all apartments. The second stage means that heating and ventilation must be set in each apartment. In the second stage, IKANO must unavoidably access all apartments in the stairwell for two days. The Board will collect keys to each apartment to ensure that the work can be carried out. The keys will of course be acknowledged and returned immediately after the work is done.

STEP 1 – Replacement of a number of heating batteries within the stairwells

The work of replacing the heating batteries takes three days per stairwell. During this work all ventilation will be shut off by daytime. The apartment owner does not have to be at home or hand out keys for this stage. The residents may experience pressure in the apartment and some condensation when ventilation is turned off.

Oddegatan 6 och Surtsögatan 3 21  Augusti – 2 September, weeks 34 och 35
Skagafjordsgatan 5 och Skagafjordsgatan 3 4  – 15 September, weeks 36 och 37


STEP 2 – Adjustment of airflows, with access to each apartment

In stage 2, the heating and ventilation system for all apartments in the stairwell must be adjusted and the function of the apartment thermostat checked. This means that IKANO must have access to all the apartments of the stairwell for two days. IKANO must be able to access all inflatable valves and exhaust valves with ladders. The apartment owner shall ensure that:

– It is free of furniture in front of blow-in and blow-out valves in all rooms
– Stay at home daytime or provide key to the apartment, through collection through the board

Work in stage 2 will take place the following days:

Oddegatan 6 Sep 07 och 08
Surtsögatan 3 Sep 14 och 15
Skagafjords gatan 5 Sep 21 och 22
Skagafjords gatan 3 Sep 28 och 29
  • After this adjustment, neither blow-in or exhaust valves must be touched, as there will be imbalance in the system
  • If IKANO is unable to access an apartment, it will not be adjusted. It can also affect the adjustment of other apartments. The apartment owner must pay the additional cost of later adjustment
  • During work, accessibility can be somewhat limited in the houses and everyone is encouraged to facilitate work by not using the elevator and stairs so much.

Here you can find information about how the thermostat on your wall at home works.

 The Board of Brf Surtsö